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Highsmith, Carol M.


Estados Unidos


Urban, Landscape


Carol M. Highsmith has photographed the American scene for over 25 years. For a class project at the Corcoran School of Photography, decided to photograph a model from the rubble in Washington, DC. This adventure would become an experience that would change his life. Highsmith was then that he discovered the work of Frances Benjamin Johnston, one of the first and most important photographers.

His interest in revealing the splendor of the historic architecture has inspired two books in 1994: one in the Library of Congress and one called "America Restored" which documented two dramatic restoration projects in every U.S. state

In 2000-2002, a grant from the Annie E. Casey Highsmith allowed to study photographically disadvantaged families in 22 cities in which the foundation is active. Highsmith responded to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks by issuing a book with photos of the World Trade Center. She also captured reactions to the crash site in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, which are in the archives of the Library Sept. 11.

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